Marriott Hotel Springhill Suites Interior and Exterior Dallas Texas Hotel Photographer

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Greg Folkins is an award winning Architectural Photographer and Dallas Texas Hotel Photographer specializing in Hotels, Hospitality, Resorts and Restaurants in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio and throughout the great state of Texas. Greg Folkins has more than 20 years experience as a Dallas Texas Hotel Photographer with clients and projects with Hotels and Resorts for both premier hotels and resorts and economy hotels and restaurants. Greg Folkins creates world-class photography for some of the largest Hotel Chains and hospitality Property Management Companies in the U.S. including this recent project for Marriott Hotels (Springhill Suites).  Review Greg’s Dallas Hotel Photographer portfolio HERE.


Dallas Texas Hotel Photographer

We recently had the opportunity to work with our good friends at Marriott Hotels for this new, design build Springhill Suites in Texas. This was a brand new hotel just completed from the ground up. As the leading Dallas Texas Hotel Photographer, Greg  captured every aspect of this modern style hotel from the business center to the gym to the multiple guest rooms and sleek, modern welcome center. We also included Lifestyle Photography within the Architectural Interior and Exterior images as we typically do. We used Marriott Hotel employees as staged models eliminate the requirement for model releases while capturing the architectural interiors with people in them. This lifestyle photography gives the hotel rooms and spaces a sense of motion and energy while providing demission and perspective to the photographs. People like to see people and we always encourage staging people within our Hotel Photography to capture your audience and draw their attention.  Greg is not only a Dallas Texas hotel photographer, but a Dallas Texas hotel lifestyle photographer.


Dallas Texas Hotel Photographer

In a saturated photographer market, Greg Folkins has spent his 20 years of experience developing and mastering his unique technique of professionally lighting both the interiors and exteriors of hotels, resorts, hospitality buildings and restaurants to communicate the experience and mood of your hotel or hospitality architecture. An Architectural Photographer’s job is to create a sense of mood and emotion appropriate to your hotel by means of using professional photography lighting to match the existing interior and exterior lighting. We do not photograph HDR images, nor do we recommend HDR to our clients for advertising efforts.


Dallas Texas Hotel Photographer

Greg Folkins is a Dallas Texas Hotel Photographer with a focus on the details that differentiate your hotel whether it’s an Eco-Friendly resort, Green Hotel, Premier Flag Ship Resort or Economy Hotel. We accept assignments of all shapes and sizes whether it’s only a few exteriors, or and entire hotel photography project to include guest rooms, front desk, gym, business amenities, pool, spa, store, parking, and surrounding attractions. Greg Folkins Photography simply put, specializes in photographing your hotel with a mood and emotion that communicates to your current and future guests the hospitality and service you offer before they even decide to make reservations.


Dallas Texas Hotel Photographer

Greg has been photographing hotels in Dallas and throughout Texas for so long, that he has gotten familiar with the lighting challenges he will face and can complete your hotel photography assignment fairly quickly depending on the scope of work. This allows us the most competitive pricing in the industry. Less time spent equals less fees. We always provide free quotes based on your initial request and am always willing to consult, educate, and modify our fees to match your budget benchmark within a reasonable effort depending on the total number of images required.


Dallas Texas Hotel Photographer


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Dallas Texas Hotel Photographer

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