I served 6 years in the US Coast Guard as a Public Affairs Photographer, so having the opportunity to revisit the military culture and campuses was absolutely recharging. My good friends at RENDINA COMPANIES sent me out again to provide Architectural Exterior Photography for their freshly finished Design Build Medical Building on the cuffs of Fort Hood Army Base in Harker Heights, Texas. This most current health care architectural exterior photography project was a comprehensive shoot to include exteriors with remarkable sunsets and architectural details to interiors of office spaces, lobbies and reception areas and general healthcare renter areas.

Architectural Exterior Photography Healthcare Washington DC

RENDINA COMPANIES is a leader in full-service health care real estate development, committed to offering excellent facilities and tailored solutions to healthcare customers nationwide. Having actually been a relied on partner to health systems, hospitals and physicians for more than 23 years, RENDINA totally understand the intricacy of real estate development, especially concerning the health care market.

Architectural Exterior Photography Healthcare Facility Washington DC

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Architectural Exterior Photography Healthcare Washington DC

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