Oh the struggling life as a Resort Hotel Photographer on a Travel, Hotel and Resort photo shoot! One of the greatest perks of photographing Travel, Resort and Hotel architecture is, well, the travel.

Resort Hotel Photographer Plano TX

Make no mistake, more than half my interior and architectural photography shoots are not conveniently located in my local town of Dallas Texas. As a professional photographer, my assignments are often times all over the United States and in this case, outside the U.S.

Resort Hotel Photographer Plano TX

Welcome to one of the most beautiful and luxurious tropical Resorts in the world. CURACAO. Imagine an island where hidden coves reveal an emerald-blue sea. Where arcs of golden sand stretch out beneath vibrant, multicolored sunsets. Where a rich historical heritage meets Caribbean vitality. Where the only thing you need to worry about is deciding how to spend your next day in paradise. Imagine Curaçao: the best-kept secret in the Caribbean.

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Resort Hotel Photographer Plano TX

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