Industrial commercial photography in Birmingham AL can be specified as photographic practice that happens within and/or at the behest of an industrial organization, to report manufacturing processes, products, work organization, workers, or the design, devices, or culture of a business. The pictures might serve either interior or external (e.g. advertising or public relations) purposes. The borderline in between documentary photos and journalistic, marketing, and public relations ones is fluid, relying on context and use in specific cases.

Industrial Commercial Photography in Birmingham AL

I just recently had the privilege of photographing for Johnson Controls Inc. escape in East Texas at a natural gas plant outside of Fort Stockton Texas. Johnson Controls makes these commercial, industrial grade refrigeration units that are responsible for cooling the natural gas plant.

Johnson Controls is a worldwide diversified innovation and industrial leader serving clients in more than 150 countries. Their 154,000 employees create quality products, services and solutions to enhance energy and operational performances of buildings; lead-acid automotive batteries and advanced batteries for hybrid and electric automobiles; and interior systems for vehicles.

Industrial Commercial Photography Birmingham AL

industrial photography at a commercial natural gas enterprise in East Texas

Industrial Commercial Photography Birmingham AL

architectural industrial photography at fort Stockton Texas

Industrial Commercial Photography Birmingham AL

professional building photography at East Texas natural gas plant

Industrial Commercial Photography Birmingham AL

commercial refrideration photography for Johnson controls in Texas

Industrial Commercial Photography Birmingham AL

industrial photographer for commercial manufacturer

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